Who is eligible to become a member of AMEF?

  • Any teacher who gives music instruction in any performing arts discipline in a studio setting
  • Any person 18 years of age or older who is interested in music education and would like to participate in the work of AMEF
  • Any person, group or business that wishes to support Music Education in Alberta

If you are a group member, pass your fee and renewal form to your group contact who will send it to our office. Only memberships sent as a group [minimum 10 members] receive the group discount per member of 50% off the membership fees.

Benefits of membership:

AMEF is a partner with many other non-profit and charitable music groups in Alberta and we provide advocacy for music education at the Provincial level for support of music programs. We organize, in part, an annual music conference which members can attend as well as other regular programs and granting. In addition, all members receive quarterly newsletters and are eligible to participate in AMEF programs.


Annual membership period is
April 1 - March 31

  • Full Regular Membership: $40 each
  • Full Group Membership: $20 each
    –discounted rates for membership
    (minimum of 10 members in each group)
  • Institutional Membership: $50
    (music camps, businesses, and other programs)



Download Application Form